12 Unique Israel scenes are included in this special decorative magnet edition.  Great Gift and decorative collection by Kerem House Founder Jason Kipp.


Sea of Galilee and Tiberias looking over the Jordan River Valley

Jerusalem Old City Walls and Mt. Zion from Yemin Moshe

Jerusalem Gan Sachar Monastary view from Wolfson Towers

Golan Hieghts Snow Capped Mount Hermon

Galilee Forest Tree Jungle

Yafo Clock Tower Square

Yafo Old City Sea Scape waves from Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Cityscape 

Sfat Valley Old City

Ramat Gan Sunset from 16th floor Tower in Givat Shmuel

Tel Aviv Iron Dome Launch interceptor missile in 2014 

Caesaria Roman Aqueduct Arches Beach

Kerem House Art Magnet 12 Pack