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Within these Concrete Walls

New Olim can find it difficult to make friends. And if you never manage to jump the hurdle of integrating into Israeli society you might find yourself a "new" immigrant of 10 years without any real social life.

The Kerem House is a godsend for those of us whose childhood and lifelong friends live outside Israel’s borders. Within the concrete walls exists endless opportunities for creativity, self-expression, and friendship. The variety of events, from trivia to cultural nights, book clubs or murder mystery dinners, ensure that there is truly something for everyone at the Kerem House. Events you always wished existed somewhere now have a space to come to life, and with those events come new friends.

The most astounding thing about the Kerem House is its origins, a simple idea in the minds of other foreigners living in Israel. It's not a major organization or association, and its only agenda is to give the people of Tel Aviv, and its surrounding cities, a space. A space where the only limit are walls and your imagination. 

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