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For those of you who have been surfing and browsing for the best events around town lately, have very often come across one name on the scene this past year, the Kerem House. It is more than just a project or another venue. Kerem House grew out of our community. Who is we? We are mostly a bunch of young olim or locals who build their own family and support system from scratch here and created a safe, comfortable and affordable atmosphere to be in.

It’s a Golem - to use the allegory of one of the beloved mastermind’s – that you, me and all of us breathe life into and you were also part of this organism. While we hosted hundreds of events, we learned, we grew, we had many Shabbatot together, we’ve met old and new friends, we celebrated, we partied, we sang. Those summer rooftop parties and Shabbatot at Gadera st 18 will never be forgotten. Chaim’s 30th birthday party, the alcohol infused country nights and of course the birth place of our book club and also a great series of lectures and talks. One of my favorite themes was Lotem’s dictator party and one of our founding members in this picture is about to get married the next day!

While creating an event and atmosphere always requires many sacrifices, they were all very worth to see people enjoy and come back time after time. It is firstly and foremost a place where we could come together without spending horrendous amounts in bars and restaurants, and it will continue to be so. Unfortunately, the current circumstances do not allow us to continue where we were, but we are rebuilding and can’t wait to see all of you again and create more programs for you and with you!

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