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The Triple Threat Birthday Party

What is my favorite memory of Kerem House? I have so many. One that sticks out is the 4th of July party – I had a really good time there. One of the benefits of being included as a committee member early on was the fact that we could really see its growth as time went on.

The 4th of July party saw hundreds of people gather on Kerem’s amazing rooftop and skewers of meat being eaten as beers were chugged. I remember bartending alongside someone I barely knew at the time – which is funny to think about since today, we are very close friends. That’s just one of the more amazing things that Kerem House achieved: it brought people together from all over the world and touched them in meaningful and impactful ways. Additionally, some of my favorite memories were the Kerem House Committee meetings where, many of my friends would meet and brainstorm new and unique event ideas.

Here, we saw the birth of Rooftop Beer Pong, Tel Aviv’s Got Talent, Thursday BBQ nights and themed Shabbats. Sometimes these meetings would go on until the early hours of the morning, mostly because we’d end up losing track of time. It was at these meetings where we established the events that we – as Olim – wanted in our community and were free to execute them in any way we wanted. While the physical house may be gone, we still have the Kerem House Committee to help innovate unique ideas during Corona and after. And let’s not forget, the Kerem House owners who I know will not stop trying to find new and innovative ways to bring Olim together.

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