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That place was called Kerem House

Board games and book clubs. Dancing and davening. There are many ways we can celebrate among our communities – all we need to do is look back to days pre-Corona. There was a time (believe it or not) where hundreds of Olim could gather seven days a week to meet, discuss, drink, socialize, and find their place within a community.

That place was called Kerem House.

It was started by three people I am proud to call my friends. One day, they saw an opportunity to create a place designed to bring people together, and from that day they never stopped. An extensive marketing push saw Kerem House appear almost overnight. Before long, it had a strong Google ranking, a large Facebook presence, and countless WhatsApp groups dedicated to facilitating the needs of the Tel Aviv Community.

Kerem House grew from a building near Shuk Carmel into an idea: a place, be it physical or digital, for Olim of all ages and nationalities to find their own community. They welcomed hundreds of people who sought a place to host their own dream projects. From modest Book Clubs for introverts to parties that hundreds of people enjoyed into the early hours, Kerem House brought them to life. A Room of Requirement that created stories to last for years.

Today, the House has moved to a different location. At the moment no one seems to notice. As we all resort back to our homes and sit this quarantine out a little longer, my three friends are doing what they do best: maintaining communities online to keep the dream alive. One day, when we leave our homes once again, I’m sure we will be welcomed into the new house with open arms.

I, for one, cannot wait to see where it goes from there.

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