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Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Our colorful house is also home to creative individuals who want to be at ground zero of community growth.

Kerem House is large by Tel Aviv standards, and historic, and at one point, home to Meir Ariel, a cultural influencer decades ago. 70 Hayarkon, almost across from the former US Embassy has been a place of Art and Entertainment ever since.

5+ Room, or 4 Bedroom doesn't measure up to the 13 distinct rooms in the house counting annexes, closets, porches and everything in between.

Visitors enter the colorful renaissance teal, blue and purple Foyer.

A open doorway connects to spacious Salon A who defining feature is a bar cave and projector. A rainbow of vivid panels accents rows of wine and spirits behind the bar.

Curtains make a dramatic backdrop or frame and opening that connect Salon A to Salon B. Salon B, a living room with a long red bench couch against a deep wood panel where musicians set up. Salon B opens onto the Front Porch overlooking the entry and Hayarkon Street, only one block from the beach.

The Kitchen is a separate room accessed via the foyer and still retains much of its original style. Through the kitchen, the back porch offers seasonal beach sunset views and an herb garden.

Room 1, with a grain painted door on the North East is a cozy bedroom with a sky blue, thunderstorm ceiling and green wall. Access through Room A leads to the corner the open rear porch and overlooks a tree in the backyards.

Room 2 is a big space with 3 ways in and out. Doors open from the foyer and around the corner across from the kitchen. Built in furniture, 3 doors, 2 column and a porch make it an unique space to inhabit.

Room 3 is a huge bedroom office living space with teal trim, blue ceiling and 2 doors that connect behind the salon to the Annex to the Main bathroom and Room 4.

Room D is painted from top to bottom. Twin teal and purple walls, deep blue ceiling and ruby curtains make it a calm and relaxing environment.

Space totals 130 sq meters or 1,400 sq feet up 1 flight of stairs, Apt 7. See you there!

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