Master Campers Catered Travel Guide

Master Campers makes it easy for you to get to nature by providing all inclusive round trips to sites around Israel for 20's & 30's. Participation is encouraged. Master Campers organizes groups of ~50 and are Shomer Shabbat comfortable Shabbatons. Sites have: Eruv, bathrooms, showers, easy access & nature.

Bus stops in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv offer round trip tickets from Binumei Hauma in JLM and Savidor Mircaz train station in TLV. Potluck food is collected and roll call performed. A bathroom break will be planned 90 minutes into the ride.

Bus arrives on site around 3 to BBQ and arrival. Tents are claimed, single gender options are available. Food, Music, and fun photos provide an exciting atmosphere and people unwind.

Site amenities are fun to explore before Shabbat. Sun, sea, trees, streams and ruins are regular site features. Plastic ware and Food should be sorted and put into coolers and refrigerators.

Kabbalat Shabbat is sounded in simcha and Karlibach style as song and nature collide.

Announcements follow tefila and should welcome and update people. Allergies, special circumstances, site features, rules, should include a short dvar Torah.

An extended kiddush let people relax as hosts and volunteers arrange dinner away from the kiddush.

Dinner is served, Personal Hamotzi are performed. Collective seating is preferred. Trash is collected communally. Everyone hangs out or wanders off stargazing or night swimming.

Breakfast cereal, yogurt, cold coffee, granola, fruit should be arranged around 9 and site activities

explored. Tefila is voluntary.

Kiddush & Wine & Cheese lunch at 12 and should be arranged away from where people mass to prevent chaotic munching.

Shabbat Walk at 2 pm should return in under 2 hours and consist of 40 minute breakout in nature.

Seudat Shlishi consisting of Deli Pita, leftovers, cans, salatim and dessert. Watch sunset and Maariv followed by Bonfire Havdala and more music.

Packing up, cleaning up, the bus arrives after 1 full day away. Bathroom break an hour and a half away. Home around 12.

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