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Kerem House Why

more than just a house...

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Alone, abroad, and so far away is where immigrants called "Olim" find themselves.

On the far side of the world we find our selves trying to understand our new land with our families half the world away.

We understand that so many of us are so far away only to become close to each other. Not to replace our loved ones, rather, to build new families in this new land, and to do that, we need places and programs to bring us together.

“give me a salon and 20 chairs and I shall give you a dream”


Space can be the hardest thing to find in Israel, especially Tel Aviv, an amazing place that everyone from around the world wants to be. So, here we are, in the center of Tel Aviv, our social solution to our communities woes:

A house, that is affordable and low risk to host your own events. A Salon and a Terrace provide flexible event space that the small crowded Tel Aviv apartment lack provided easily to community members.

The Kerem House method believes and practices empowerment community building and gives young people a chance no one else does.


We are seventy 20 year olds meeting at a spring on a camping trip. We are fifty college grads who hired a bus to take a trip. We are are a dozen friends who are building something. We are a few who are starting here and now to make these people the people we will live with and love in our new lives in Israel.

2 Daniels and a Jason risked it all to make Israel a home, and after many ups and downs decided to be the change they new their community needs and pooled their savings to start an activity center to bring the many people they had met together and offer opportunities to their peers and provide affordable and quality initiatives to their growing community.

Kerem House was established in June of 2019 and in the first 9 months ran more than 200 programs and reached thousands of people.

Kerem House aims to establish a sustainable model of providing community building events by nurturing members ideas and providing logistical support.

We are a long way, and we are here, make they most of it.

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