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How to Host

Kerem House is a space for people to connect through unique activities. How do we have so many unique events and the answer is you! Local members contact us on space to run their idea. It is a joy facilitate people's first time in spreading the word that their specific skill is being introduced to the public.

If you know your idea now you can fill out host form and tell us more about your idea:

Once there is a date and time for an activity, here are some ways to increase attendance.

Make a Facebook Event - 1 Month in advance

Make Wix Event Registration Tickets

Invite 100 times the number of people you want to show up.

Share the event 2x for each space in activity

Ask you close friends to invite 20 people and share.

Reply to comments answer frequently asked questions.

Direct people to your Ticket Link

Once the day of your event arrives, arrive early to set up the space with tables and chairs so your event can run smoothly. Plug in speakers and set up projector and draw the curtains. It's time to activity, enjoy the space, smile and thank everyone for participating in your event at the Kerem House.

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