What are we?

The Kerem House hosts kosher shabbat meals, lectures, open mics, workshops, meet-ups, and much more. The Kerem House is a space open for work, study, assembly and creation. With a focus on millennials and professionals, The Kerem House dream is to encourage entrepreneurship and leadership from Tel Avivians to run the events they feel would enrich themselves and their community.

Where are we?

Tel Aviv’s Kerem Hatemenin neighborhood, a bustling district next to Shuk HaCaramel.

     Founded by 3 Olim in June 2019, Kerem House has hosted over 200 events. From the first moment, we knew this unique house was a place we could make a home for events, workshops and ideas that bring our community, internationals, Olim, Israeli’s, vegans, shomrei shabbat and more, together.  With our friends support, we, 2 Daniels and a Jason, rented a house and terrace with room for 150 people next to Shuk HaCaramel.  We took a risk to self-fund a space that we knew our community lacked to provide an easy access venue for local activities.

     We also give our space to Olim starting their own careers. Community members, short on money, looking to cultivate and hone their skills, couldn’t. The thing missing? Space. Instructors, philosophers, teachers, idealists & others began their careers within our walls.

Who are we?

Founded by Daniel Elbogen, Jason Kipp and Daniel Gindis, The Kerem House is an initiative established 

by the creators of Master Campers, Master Meals, Showstoppers TLV and more! Together with a dedicated committee of friends and like minded Tel Avivians, we create a great atmosphere for all!